Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo Review

I have dependably been an admirer of Oribe hair products, mainly in light of the fact that they truly gave my hair life and the scent is great. I once saw a youtube video where a lady described Oribe’s hair product line smells like males aftershave.. personally I don’t think so but they certainly have a unique smell. I think you either love it or hate it, I’m obsessed. To me, there’s nothing worse than hair products that have a mediocre smell aka vanilla for example (because you can buy a candle for that right?)

I have naturally blonde thick long hair so I need products that won’t weigh it down or strip my natural hair colour. I find that Kerastase or Oribe is the best for this, I’ve used other lines but I keep coming back to these for several reasons. They’re not perfect and I totally need to make a post on the pitfalls of hair lines that no one speaks about. Kerastase is raved about on the net but there’s little negative feedback. I admit I think Kerastase is best for treatment, not style. Yes I’ve tried cheaper hair products but honestly they make my hair either really dry or greasy. Plus I’ve educated myself on the bad things about sodium lauryl sulfate. Girls, seriously, I did a study on this at school, if you want something that lathers well but is going to give you dry hair, go for it. As a result, I always look on the back before I buy anything. Oribe DOESN’T contain this, wooo. Generally speaking, I think Kerastase & Oribe perform on what they actually say they’re supposed to do.

Anyway back to my thoughts on this dry shampoo. Sooo.. I was informed to use it before my hair got very oily. “Prevention is better than cure” as they say hey. When I first got it and opened the bottle, I sprayed it onto my hair and tried to see if it had a gorgeous smell. But I couldn’t really smell anything but my mum noticed. She once told me that it’s a good sign if you cannot smell your own perfume. Who knows. I sprayed it and the next morning, I did notice my hair got a tad oily but it wasn’t as bad as it usually would be. I sprayed it again the next day. I literally just section my hair if needs be and spray it, or if my hair is up, I’ll spray it just on the roots. I thought it wasn’t maybe performing as well as expected and did get a bit disappointed as my hair got oily by the next day. Let’s be honest, Oribe hair products are not cheap. I left it for a week or so and didn’t use it.

The other day I decided I would give it another try and see if I can grow on it. This time it worked so much better.

All up, would I buy it again? I’d probably reconsider for $60+. I think it is a good product nevertheless.

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