Why a Chanel classic is the most versatile bag


The Chanel Classic Flap Bag is undisputedly a standout amongst the most imperative extras ever, and its creation, alongside those of its 2.55 Flap Bag ancestor and Boy Bag descendent, are loaded with authentic form legend. The classic comes in a variety of different colours, velvet, patent, lambskin leather & caviar being the most popular type of leather. It also comes in different sizes, I have the medium. Caviar, red with gold hardware.


Before I bought my bag, I was looking at blogs about how you can wear a Chanel pack, thinking about too whether it would be too impractical and more of a night bag. Yet I realised this is wrong actually, you can dress up or down a Chanel bag which is why to me, they’re so versatile. Honestly, I think I’ve even worn gym clothing with my bag before. I’ve had this bag for a couple of years now. I genuinely have worn this every day, while I have a couple of different bags, I generally simply return to this one. I don’t know why, possibly it upgrades an outfit truly well. In addition it’s beautiful come on?

The different leathers (the main ones)

  • Caviar and lambskin (the two most popular) but they are both different in their own ways. Lambskin has been known to leave more marks behind because it’s smoother and more delicate. It needs more attention. Think of a really soft leather. Whereas I find caviar more wearable and “rougher” its appearance is more grainy. I think this leather is more of an allrounder and a bag in this leather you can wear every day and not have to worry about it getting scratched.
  • Patent and velvet. Patent is obviously really unique but it’s probably prone to making dents and staining easily. Not that popular as well.
  • Chanel Perforated Calfskin/Lambskin Leather
  • Chanel Metallic Calfskin/Lambskin Leather and the list goes on

Considerations before buying a Chanel classic

  • I think a decent tip is dependably request diverse sizes. You may be determined to one size however when you actually try them on, you may change your mind.
  • When you’re in a Chanel shop purchasing a bag, make sure you try different leathers, have a feel of it and see what you like the best. The bag has to suit you and your style!

Always remember girls, never buy anything that doesn’t make your heart beat

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