My review on MYKBEAUTYAU


When I recently moved back to I was in dire straits to find a Korean skin care seller. I’ve purchased plenty of times through ebay yet you’re constantly having to read their reviews to make sure they’re legitimate. I came across an Australian website called which has just about every amazing Korean skin care brand out there. Australian company that charges in $AU and ships with our local postal service, what else could I ask for?

I ended up purchasing this gift set  which I haven’t used before so I was very excited!


– Sum37 Secert Essence 100ml

– Secret Repair Toner 20ml

– Secret Repair Emulsion 20ml
– Secret Repair Concentrate 8ml
– Secret Repair Concentrated cream 10ml
– Skin Saver Essential cleansing foam 40ml

– Free shipping
– Sample gift pack from My K Beauty

I also bought the which I knew what I was in for as I’ve used all of those products before. The HERA cell essence is like no other, I think it’s one of the best essences on the market. The moisture penetrates deep into skin to get the skin ready for a bright, dewy complexion that glows from within. I’ve used this on numerous occasions when I get out of the shower after washing my face and it feels like sand paper, immediately when I dab this into my skin after using a toner, it feels instantly replenished. I believe Hera has also updated the ingredients in the cell essence.  

What I love about MYKBEAUTYAU is how personable the owner is, she was messaging me every step of the way and keeping me updated on shipping and just a genuinely nice person who cares about her customers. Any question I had, she answered for me. Not only that, she was seriously appreciative I purchased from her. Would definitely recommend!!


I also received some amazing samples, Sum37 secret mask and so many others. A few of samples that stuck out of the most was the “The First Ampoule Advanced” by O HUI and the Hera Signia cream. Firstly I noticed they made my skin really supple and the texture improved but the smells are amazing. I wasn’t so convinced on the Sulwhasoo concentrated ginseng cream only because of the smell, it was too herbal. Yet I guess that’s expected with the main ingredient right!?

I thought I’d attach some videos for you girls because I found when I was reading blogs, authentic videos were the best since you could see the results. Photos are good but sometimes not as convincing.



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