Korean skin care brands you can’t live without (my favourites)

I have been fixated on Korean healthy skin for many years now. It began when I moved to Singapore and I saw how dewy and young their skin was. In Australia where I am from, to be mercilessly legitimate, there is no denying that skin isn’t as essential. It could be because of, for example, our sun is so cruel. On the off chance that you go into a drug store, you will locate the customary items that create no genuine outcome or they are quite recently basically demonstrated by dermatologists that are alright for everybody. For a considerable length of time at when I was in secondary school, I would have the hormonal breakout and I went to such a large number of various dermatologists squandering a lot of cash on endeavoring to settle what wasn’t right with my skin. They recommended me creams that do work, for example, Vitamin A yet there was no direction on great items that will work, each item I attempted, made my skin irate and red. Back to when I moved to Singapore, I can’t recollect what I was doing yet some way or another I ran over this entire Korean dewy skin that everybody is fixated on. I investigated a couple of brands and ran over this Korean brand called HERA. I bought their Cell Essence and the Aquabolic moisturising water and emulsion.

When I first started using it, I noticed immediately at how beautiful it smelt. Omg. It smells like perfume, not herbal which I prefer.

These products are super hydrating.  They are my holy grail and product I swear by. I’ve yet to come across anything else as hydrating. What is so amazing about these products too is that they will last you for months. I haven’t had to rebuy just as of yet as those bottles have lasted me well over 7 months. Yes they are a bit $$ but your skin will thank you. They are the perfect consistency and I really owe it to Hera. I have also tried the Hera “AGE AWAY INTENSIVE EMULSION” which to me is quite similar to the Aquabolic yet when it’s applied, it give my skin more of a tigher feeling which I love. One thing I have learnt about Korean skin care is the best way to apply is to dab & pat onto the skin, don’t rub the product in. Some other brands that I love are sum:37 and Jayjun.



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